Movie Services

Cloud 9 Exotics has built a reputation for not only having the best vehicles for daily rentals, but also the most reliable for movie and television sets. We work with multiple movie studios and have been apart of dozens of major productions. Our cars have been featured in all types of movies, television shows, and commercials. From Netflix movies such as Hustle, Amazon shows such as Jack Ryan, and even prime time television such as SNL.

If you need it we will source it!

Did not find the car you were looking for? We have you covered! With our connections to the car community, Cloud 9 quickly became the #1 source for all movie cars, not just in NY or FL but across the East Coast. We have been able to source dozens of production cars no matter the specifics. Whether you need the car to be year specific, have a certain body type, color or more!


All inquiries please call 1 (800) 673-9900 or email!

Don't Need a Car? We also have you covered!

Cloud 9 has acquired many connections outside of the car community too.  Our friend Al Cerullo over at has an extensive list of credits and even awards for his work in the film industry as a helicopter pilot. A veteran of the country and the film industry, he has over 25,000 hours in the air. He has done 100’s of movies over the years and we are sure you have seen his work before (even if you didn’t know it!) Some movies you might know him from are, The Wolf of Wall Street, Captain America, The Godfather and many, many more! Check out the “Credits” section on his website to see the rest!