Vanderhall Carmel

When you first visit Naples, FL you are drawn to the beauty found in the warm welcoming breezes, the swaying palm trees, the white sandy beaches of the gulf of mexico, and the perfectly landscaped streets that meander through the city.  

Embrace the lifestyle and travel on Cloud9 in a luxury three-wheeler with all the fun and no bloat.  Yes it’s Automatic with cupholders, heated seats, Bluetooth radio all with a rear-hinged suicide doors.  The American made Vanderhall is the fun town cruiser, however step on the gas and it goes. The Vanderhall Carmel is rated at 194 horsepower sent to the front wheels through a GM 6T40 sequential six-speed automatic transmission with paddle shifters.  That means more fun in the sun.

Explore Naples and live like a local.

Available for daily rental or rent as a weekend special.  Cloud9Exotics services, Long Island, New York City, Naples, FL.  

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