Rolls Royce Dawn

The very first time you lay eyes on the Rolls Royce Dawn you’ll see the beautiful recessed Rolls-Royce grill sitting right under the iconic Flying Lady ornament. The top can be lowered in just 22 seconds, revealing an open space that connects you to your surrounding environments like never before. Whether you choose to have the top up or down the timeless design is combined together with the newest automotive technology in the most graceful way. You might think that the dawn is just a convertible version of the Rolls-Royce Wraith but its styling is actually 80 percent different.

Experience Luxury

The Dawn’s cabin is crafted with the highest quality pristine leather hides. The hand-stitched interior is sewn to perfection which is something you can expect from a high-end luxury convertible rental. The Dawn features coach doors found in all late Rolls-Royce models that open in the opposite direction you would expect. You can close the door by pressing a button on the interior of the car. This combined with the top down allows for very easy access getting in and out of your luxury car rental. A superb 16 speaker bespoke audio system uses an active volume adjustment system that adapts to its surroundings based on the position of the top. There is also plenty of trunk space to fit all your luggage.

The rear is finished with carefully selected handcrafted veneers. The interior features superior noise isolation, comparable to a Rolls-Royce coupe allowing you to quiet your surroundings with the touch of a button. Dawn’s interior and exterior offer everything you can expect from a luxury car rental.

Rent Rolls Royce Dawn and transport yourself in the seductive new luxury motor car from RollsRoyce. The Dawn is the perfect Rolls-Royce rental to enjoy when traveling abroad. A new type of luxury convertible that combines exclusivity and exquisite touches. It is the sexiest Rolls-Royce that has ever been built. The dawn seats four adults comfortably so your passengers will feel well taken care of. At first glance, you can immediately tell that this a bespoke convertible.

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