Porsche GT3RS

Porsche has always been a brand obsessed with mastering the manufacturing of top-tier track vehicles. With the 911 GT3RS, they have done just that. The performance is out of this world unbelievable, but you’ll have to experience it for yourself. The handling is superb and the throttle is beyond responsive.

This vehicle is naturally aspirated and sends it’s power exclusively to the rear-wheels for the driver’s enjoyment. In beautiful Lava Red, you’re sure to turn heads. Who won’t notice the giant wing and beautifully sounding dual exhaust that is located right under it?

We didn’t just stop at getting a Porsche 911 GT3, but we made sure we got an RS for those that know the vast difference in price, performance, and, of course, looks. It’s fully loaded with every option, including the ultra-rare front nose lift. Thus, making it easy to bring this sports car around the Tri-State area.

Call now to book and hop into the carbon-fiber racing seats; you won’t find a ride like this for rent anywhere else!